Bob's Bullets

Mr. Bob Sinclair, as a convenience to GPSL & USPSA members in the Atlanta and surrounding area, provides bullets and components at a significant discount when ordered in bulk. This offer is not available to the "general public" and orders are processed totally at Bob's discression.


  • To be able to order, you MUST be a member of the USPSA.
  • Bob will email the GPSL shooter's list when orders will start/stop being accepted.
  • Send completed order form and check (please add $4.00 shipping/handling charge to order total, or it will be discarded), and mail order list to:

    Mr. Bob Sinclair, 3200 Pin Oak Way, Doraville, GA 30340
    Bob can be reached at (678) 920-5131

  • A notification e-mail will be sent out when the order is due to arrive. Those not able to pick up their orders at designated matches should get someone else to pick them up. Bob is not willing to deliver, and should not be made to baby-sit your order.
  • Range, Guns & Safes has nothing to do with our orders, so asking them about getting your orders from them will be ineffectual.
  • GPSL does not guarantee the "safety" of your order if it is not picked up or if it is picked up by a proxy of yours.
  • Atlanta Arms will not take orders directly from GPSL/USPSA members, so do not bother trying to short-cut this process.
  • Bob will be using our Trading Post eMail List for updates and general information about shipments and the like, so subscribe to it if you wish to stay informed.
  • This order form is multiple pages.

    HTML Order Form. Click the link to view the order form and print.

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