• Tuesday, 6:00 to 9:30
  • Special USPSA classifier match the first Tuesday of each month.

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$15 for GPSL Members
$27 for GPSL Family of 2 & $12 for each additional member
$17 for Non-Members


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Welcome to GPSL

Every Grand Master, National or World Champion was, at one time, a stomach full of butterflies, sweaty-palmed, brand new shooter. We applaud you for taking the first steps to learning what it takes to shoot this exciting sport. Since every one of us has been where you are now, we all have a great desire to help you have a safe and fun first time out. These next few pages will help you get acquainted with the equipment needed and the skills required to shoot your first match safely. No one expects any new shooter to win a match. The best goal you can have for your first time out is to shoot a safe match and get yourself acquainted with the lay of the land in terms of match flow, stage sequence, and how to get all your new gear working smoothly for you. We'll start by answering some basic questions to get you acquainted with the Safety Rules and Equipment necessary to shoot a USPSA match. From there, we will move on to describing how a match is run and what to know before you get to the range so you are prepared and ready to shoot your first match.

Safety First

GPSL takes pride in our safety record. We have never had a firearm related injury and we want to keep it that way. GPSL has a basic Shooters Safety Policy.


New Shooter Briefing (NSB)
  • New shooters without a USPSA card or prior USPSA experience must show up by 6:00 pm to receive a full briefing and to check their equipment and check for gun handling skills.
Equipment Safety
  • All equipment (firearm, belt, holsters, magazines, and any other accessories) used by shooters must comply with USPSA rules. If a holster is equipped with a retention device, it must be used. Holsters must be firmly secured to a belt using complete belt loops. Regular clips or snap clips are not permissible. Paddle holsters are OK. Equipment must be in good working order and demonstrate proper and safe function. The Range Master will have final discretion whether a shooter’s equipment is safe enough to shoot.
Disqualification Policy (DQ)
  • All USPSA rules will be enforced. If a shooter incurs a DQ, that shooter will be finished shooting for the match. Repetitive DQs, including unsportsmanlike conduct, will be handled on a case by case basis.


The next page down the menu covers Safety and is easily the most important thing you'll read about GPSL.

Range Rules

Directions to the range are linked above in the Where box.

The registration desk is located at the back of the main sales room at the range. After registering, there is a Safe Area room next to the registration desk where you can put on your gear. Remember that you CAN NOT handle your ammunition in any way in the Safe Area and that you may ONLY handle your gun in the safe area and nowhere else. This distinction is for safety and is of ultimate importance that it be honored. Directly opposite the Safe Area room is the entrance to the ranges. Eye protection is a must before entering the ranges so please put on your safety glasses first. If you do not have eye and/or ear protection, they can be rented from the range for a nominal fee. The Range Safety Rules are listed just to the left in the sidebar so please familiarize yourself when then before entering the range.

Range Safety

• All firearms must be unloaded before entering the range

• Eye protection mandatory at all times

• Ear protection mandatory while shooting

• Firearms may not be handled except within the defined Safe Area

• Ammunition may not be handled in the defined Safe Area

• All new shooters must be briefed on the safety rules before shooting

• Only Jacketed Ammunition allowed on the range

No Steel-Core Ammunition is allowed on the range

Check the New Shooters menu for additional information.

Eye and Ear protection are available for rent at the range.

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