• Tuesday, 6:00 to 9:30
  • Special USPSA classifier match the first Tuesday of each month.

How Much

$15 for GPSL Members
$27 for GPSL Family of 2 & $12 for each additional member
$17 for Non-Members


Questions About GPSL/USPSA
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Post Match

Post Match is all about cleaning up the range and getting everything put away for the next match. Helping to tear everything down makes the job go faster for everyone so your assistance is very much appreciated. This is a volunteer sport so pitching in is all part of the learning experience. The match brass will be scooped up and bagged and made available to GPSL members that have noted they wish to be part of the Brass List rotation. This is another nice perk of GPSL membership if you are reloading your own ammunition.

Once everything is put away, a group of us usually winds up grabbing some late dinner and adult refreshment as a local watering hole. You are very much welcome to come along. This is a great informal setting to get to know a few more faces and ask any additional questions that might be on your mind.

Finally, the scores for the match will be posted in a few different places. Clicking the tab for the Mail List will connect you to a subscription form to add yourself to the GPSL Shooters List. The match is typically scored within a day or so and the results are sent to this mail list. Additionally the scores are submitted to USPSA and can be found on their website. An archive of match results posted here under the Results tab incase you missed something from earlier.

Range Safety

• All firearms must be unloaded before entering the range

• Eye protection mandatory at all times

• Ear protection mandatory while shooting

• Firearms may not be handled except within the defined Safe Area

• Ammunition may not be handled in the defined Safe Area

• All new shooters must be briefed on the safety rules before shooting

• Only Jacketed Ammunition allowed on the range

No Steel-Core Ammunition is allowed on the range

Check the New Shooters menu for additional information.

Eye and Ear protection are available for rent at the range.

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